Attempt to hold elections without solving conflicts may lead to further bloodshed, warns Mon ethnic party


Yechaungphyar, 8 February

Attempt to hold elections without conducting negotiation to overcome current conflicts is not a good solution, and it may lead to further bloodshed, according to the statement of New Mon State party.

The statement was issued on the occasion to mark 76th Anniversary of Mon National Day on 5 February.

Although NMSP is participating in political dialogues organized by the military regime, it is not granted for  ethnic rights as the military is upholding 2008 State Constitution, the statement said.

It continued to say that the ongoing political crisis in Myanmar is in a transition state, and that the regime should also invite the new stakeholders across the country, addition to ethnic armed organizations. 

 To express genuine desire for peace, new stakeholders should be invited for dialogues with broad-mindedness, the party remarked.

The NMSP has determined to fight for self-governing of their ethnic people by analyzing political developments in the country.

The party said in its statement that a common platform is needed to solve the ongoing crisis as the global countries are upholding ASEAN’s five- point peace agreement on Myanmar issue.

News—Than Lwin Times


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