Mawlamyine, Febrary (10)

 The spokesperson of the Prime Minister’s Office of the National Unity Government (NUG) warned that the military council’s nuclear program could threaten world peace and said that the international communities should find a comprehensive solution to stop it as soon as possible before it started.

On February 6, the coup council opened Myanmar’s first nuclear technology information center in Yangon, with Russia’s support.

Both countries signed agreements for cooperation in applying nuclear energy in 14 arenas, said the military council.

The agreement states that a small modular reactor will be built and nuclear energy will be used to build a nuclear plant in Myanmar to generate electricity, be used in scientific research, pharmaceutical production, and industrial sectors, and in training human resources.

U Nay Phone Latt, the spokesperson of the Prime Minister’s Office of National Unity Government (NUG) said the military council’s nuclear program could be dangerous in the long run, so he urged countries that want world peace to stop it and find a solution now.

After the military council and Russia’s state-owned Rosatom Atomic Energy Corporation signed a memorandum of understanding in November last year to jointly conduct a feasibility study to build a nuclear power plant in Myanmar, they took a step to build the plant. According to the military council, nuclear energy will only be used for development purposes.

Kaung Thu Win, CDM Captain, stated that the military council said that it will appropriately use nuclear energy, but that nuclear weapons might be developed, adding “Since the time of the previous junta, there have been reports of nuclear power, and I believe that the military council has already selected the site and foundations for the production of nuclear weapons”.

According to the current political situation, the military council may try its best to acquire nuclear weapons, and it may threaten the public by possessing nuclear weapons in order to remain in power, CDM Captain Kaung Thu Win said.

Political analysts said that the military council will seize the opportunity to possess nuclear weapons because it wishes to retain power in the country.

News-Than Lwin Times

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