Kawthoolei, February (10)

There were more than 8,000 clashes between junta-affiliated troops and KNU-allied forces in the Kawthoolei territory of the KNU during the two years of the military takeover, according to a statement of the Karen National Union (KNU) on February 9.

Daily conflicts took place as a result of the military regime’s expansion of its troops and military activities in the Kawthhoolei region from February 1, 2021, when the military seized power, through February 1, this year.

The battle between the regime’s forces and the resistance groups of the Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA) and Karen National Defense Force (KNDO) resulted in 6,876 soldier deaths and 5,519 sustained injuries on the junta side.

In the two years after the military coup, the heaviest fighting took place in the area of KNU’s Phapon District (Brigade 5) in the Kawthoolei area, where 5,638 battles occurred, 2,760 junta soldiers were killed, and 2,340 others were injured, the statement said.

Fighting also took place in the KNU’s Thaton, Taungoo, Nyaunglaybin, Myeik-Dawei and Dooplaya districts, where 4,116 junta troops were killed and 3,179 were injured.

According to the KNU statement, military columns, drone units, and the People’s Defense Forces, led by the KNLA/KNDO, killed 219 junta soldiers and injured 605 throughout the two years of fighting.

The Karen National Union (KNU) has asserted that in order to end the military dictatorship, unity and obedience to orders are important, and that they will fight until the military regime is overthrown.

News-Than Lwin Times

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