“We will keep on fighting until we could topple this dictatorship and establish a federal democratic Union. We will never back track.”


Interview with a contact person for public affairs and communications of Black Leopard guerilla force.

The Black Leopard Army is operating in the controlled area of KNU Brigade (6) under the command of Ministry of Defense of National Unity Government.

The interview is about military affairs in the controlled area of KNU Brigade (6), operations of junta forces and ongoing activities of Black Leopard Army.

TLT: What are the military activities of junta forces in the controlled area of KNU Brigade (6)?

BL: We are taking tight security in our area, while the junta troops have checkpoints and camps in their side. When they carry out offensive attacks with the help of artillery fire, we fought against them. Their strategy is artillery attacks to our camps randomly, conducts air strikes and fights ground battle with launching heavy weapons. In some occasions, they fired into villages to threaten the locals.

TLT: What is military situation between Black Leopard Army and the junta troops?

BL: In early January,  we confronted their enforced troops during our security operations. Our comrade Letchamee was shot dead in the battle. Since then, we have no fighting with them. But we are in the ready-for-attack position.

TLT: What are your requirements for Black Leopard Army? How about the ammunitions?

BL: As we are operating under the management of NUG, we receive certain support. However, due to increasing number of our forces, we need more automatic rifles, bullets and other ammunitions.

TLT: What are the ongoing activities of Black Leopard Army?

BL: We are providing healthcare services to people in our controlled area with the help of medics. We have opened a school for the children under interim education programme. We repair roads.  We distribute necessary items to IDPs.

TLT: What are the problems of local people in your operation areas ?

BL: Displaced persons from armed clashes had to leave their homes and property, and that they are very needy persons. They require personal items and foods. As the weather is very chilly with 15-16 Degree Celsius in Kayin State at present. However, they have to sleep on tarpaulin sheets in forests and mountains.

TLT:  What is resolution of Spring Revolution?

BL: We will keep on fighting until we could topple this dictatorship and establish a federal democratic Union. We will never back track. This is our resolution individually or inclusively.

 TLT: What is your concluding message to the people?

BLP: We got embarrassed about our failure to achieve considerable progress in the revolution, while people have done their best. So, we are working harder as possible as we can. I also make a request to maintain their  various support in this revolution. Our destination is not too far from us. We, all the PDFs’ are making more efforts  in this revolution.


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