Novice killed by heavy weapon shell of soldiers in Mon State


Lamaing, 12 February

 A heavy weapon shell fell into a monastic compound in Sonesimyaing village of Lamaing Township, Mon State, on 10 February evening, killing a young novice on the spot and one monk injured.

In response to the loss in battle against local guerilla forces, the military’s No. 317 Artillery Battalion randomly fired into the village, and four shells dropped into  Sonesimyaing village.

Taungny guerilla force ambushed a military column with about 60 soldiers between Aung Thabyae and Leinmawgyan village on 10 Februry morning, killing 2 soldiers and 3 injured.

Their enforcement troops on 2  vehicles from Ye Township was also attacked by Taungnyo people’s guerilla force, leaving 5 dead of soldiers, 3 injured and 1 car was damaged.

Two women were wounded by a heavy weapon attack of military’s artillery unit based in Maukaning village of Lamaing Township on 20 February morning.

Armed clashes frequently occurred between military troops and local resistant forces in Ye Township after the coup in 2021.

Ye Township is included in the list of martial law announced on 2 February.

News—Than Lwin Times


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