Kawthoolei, February (16)

The KNU reported that the number of civilian casualties has increased by almost three times in a month in the targeted attacks of the military regime in KNU-controlled territories.

In December last year, artillery attacks, air strikes, and arbitrary shooting by the junta army in KNU territory resulted in the deaths of five people, including monks and children, and the injuries of 27 others.

In the month of January this year, 17 civilians, including religious leaders, children, and students, were killed and nearly 50 were injured due to similar attacks by the military council, according to the KNU.

The Junta declared that military operations would cease in 2023, but in the Kawthoolei region, which is under the control of the KNU, mortar shelling and airstrikes targeting people have escalated, resulting in additional civilian casualties.

Furthermore, the junta troops destroyed many religious buildings, hospitals, schools, and homes; some homes have been burned down, and the junta army and Border Guard Force (BGF) have been committing more human rights violations against the local people, using them as human shields, arresting them, and pushing them to do forced labor, according to the KNU’s report.

According to the KNU, nearly 400,000 people have fled the junta army’s human rights violations in the area held by the Karen National Union (KNU), and they are in desperate need of humanitarian assistance.

News-Than Lwin Times

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