Dawei, February (16)

Following the fighting in Wakone village, Tanintharyi Region’s Dawei Township, regime troops burned down the homes of local residents, the eastern Dawei PDF told Than Lwin Times.

The People’s Defense Force (PDF) clashed with 100-strong regime troops marching from Dawei near Wakon village on February 14, 10:30 am.

At least two homes were destroyed when the suffering junta troops entered Wakon village and set them on fire.

On February 15, there was another battle between the PDF joint forces and regime troops returning from Wakone village, which lasted until 4:00 pm.

Since learning that the junta army was approaching Wakone village, the locals have fled before the battle.

A new wave of fighting broke out between the PDFs and regime forces in eastern Dawei after almost two months of no skirmishes.

According to the research organization, Southern Monitor, the junta and a combined force of PDFs engaged in at least 30 firefights in Tanintharyi Region in January alone.

News-Than Lwin Times

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