Yangon, February (16)

The military council gave an order in the second week of February 2023 to launch school-based courses in basic education schools during the summer break.

According to the junta-controlled Department of Basic Education, schools must open a course during the upcoming summer vacation in March.

Without specifying the particular curriculum and guidelines, the authorities ordered that schools open and teach some kinds of courses, such as civility, Red Cross, sports, art, and computer.

The authorities said that the summer courses must be opened during the 2023 summer school holidays in March and that the duration of the courses should be determined according to the schools.

The CDM teachers and students’ parents criticized the military regime’s move to open summer courses in schools as just using children politically.

A parent of a student said that it is worrisome to ask children to attend a course at a time when security is a concern.

In previous years, some schools opened school-based courses with their own programs, and there are schools that did not open courses.

This year, the military council instructed every school to open some kind of mandatory course.

News-Than Lwin Times

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