Tanintharyi, February (19)

Fighting has flared up in Palaw and Tanintharyi after regime forces launched an offensive there following the declaration of martial law, the People’s Defense Force (PDFs) told Than Lwin Times.

After the military council imposed martial law in Palaw and Tanintharyi Townships on February 2, two military columns, each with over 200 soldiers and over 100 soldiers, began to launch a massive offensive in those areas.

This offensive led to at least 10 battles in Palaw and five in Taninthari from the second week of February until today.

Myeik District Battalion 1’s information officer told Than Lwin Times that due to the military council’s offensive, battles are taking place on a daily basis and that the fighting may escalate between the two sides.

The military council launched a heavy offensive in the battle of Kade village in Palaw Township that erupted on February 15, and the PDF relinquished an outpost.

More than 5,000 local residents have been forced to flee due to fighting in Palaw and Tanintharyi townships, and have been injured or killed by mortar shelling by the military council.

Following the imposition of martial law, three local residents were killed and three others were injured by artillery fire from regime forces, and at least 20 houses were destroyed by junta arson attacks.

Clashes between the junta army and the People’s Defense Forces continue in Dawei, Yebyu, Lainglon, and Myeik, in addition to the fierce fighting in Palaw and Tanintharyi townships of Tanintharyi Region.

News-Than Lwin Times

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