Myawaddy, February (19)

Myanmar migrant workers who came to Thailand under the official MOU system are facing a range of issues, including not getting a job or a salary and not working for the types of jobs outlined in the contract, according to labor activists.

Since May 2022, Thailand has resumed the recruitment of Myanmar migrant workers through official routes under the MOU system.

According to the MOU, Myanmar migrant workers who arrived in Thailand are now facing difficulties such as not being able to work in some factories, not receiving wages, having their passport books confiscated by the employers, not being able to do the type of work specified in the contract, and not receiving compensation.

Regarding this situation, U Aung Kyaw, a consultant from the Migrant Workers’ Rights Network (MWRN) said, “Myanmar workers should be sent to Thailand after thoroughly investigating whether Thai companies can actually provide jobs for the workers. I would like to say that the workers who have signed a contract with the official Thailand-Myanmar MOU system have to look for a job after arriving in Thailand and have not been able to find one for about a month. Such incidents should not happen and are contrary to the MOU.”

MOU workers are legal workers who go through a legally registered agency under the memorandum of understanding between the governments of Thailand and Myanmar. However, since arriving in Thailand, they have been unable to find work.

U Aung Kyaw stated that the labor ministers of Thailand and Myanmar should take strong action against relevant agencies that are not willing to take responsibility for the Myanmar MOU migrant workers.

It is estimated that hundreds of Myanmar workers under MOU are currently dealing with these challenges.

The NUG’s Ministry of Labor is solving issues for Myanmar workers who are having trouble getting paid, acquiring the right to switch jobs, and going back to work. It has promised to take strict action against any companies that violate the MOU contract’s employment terms and conditions and employee rights.

News- Than Lwin Times

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