Myawaddy, February (24)

 The Cobra column reported that two junta soldiers, including a colonel, were killed and four others injured in a battle that broke out on the Wallay-Palu route in Karen State’s Myawaddy District.

The Cobra column confronted the three-vehicle military convoy that was passing through the Wallay-Palu route in KNU’s Brigade 6 around 2 pm on Febraury 22.

During the battle, the regime troops fired back with large and small weapons, and a resident near the scene of the battle was hit and injured in the head, said the Cobra column.

Due to the fighting between the two sides, the refugees from the IDP camps had to live temporarily on the banks of the Thaungyin River. On the morning of February 23, some displaced people returned to the compound of the IDP camps.

This refugee camp is the Palaw Tapoe camp, where local residents who fled the Lay Kay Kaw conflict live. It is set up near the Wallay-Palu route and on the bank of the Thaungyin River.

According to local residents, there were no firefights between the two sides yesterday, but there are military activities on the junta side.

Meanwhile, there was military tension between the combined forces of the Karen Nationalties Defence Organization (KNDO) and regime forces, forcing the local residents to escape the conflict, according to the Karen community.

News -Than Lwin Times

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