Thayarwady, 24 February

Thirty-two Rohingyas were arrested at a checkpoint of junta forces on Yangon-Pyay highway near Gwechaung village in Thayarwadi Townhsip, Bago Region on 21 February, said the sources to Than Lwin Times.

A member of   Rohingya assistance group  said that 28 men and 4 women were captured on their way from Rakhine to Malaysia  via Yangon.

They were under detention at the police station of Thonze Township before they were charged.

The source also said that the junta courts used to prosecute the arrested Rohingyas with Section 6 (2) and 6(3) of Myanmar Immigration Act for 2 to 5 years of imprisonment.

  On 19 February, a total of 40 Rohingya people were arrested by the military forces in Weikali village of Mudon Township in Mon State as they were trying to migrate Malaysia.

Nearly 2,000 Rohingyas have been arrested since the Myanmar military coup   as they left their refugee camps in Rakhine State and Bangladesh. More than 400 of them were sentenced from 2 to 5 years in prison under the immigration act.

News—Than Lwin Times

Photo: CJ

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