Interview with U Nay Bone Latt, spokesperson of Prime Minister’s Office of National Unity Government

Three weeks have passed since the declaration of martial law in 37 townships of eight regions and state after the junta extended the state of emergency for six months.

The ongoing actions of junta regime, their oppression on civilians, advise to people in these areas were asked to U Nay Bone Latt, the spokesperson of Prime Minister’s office of National Unity Government.

TLT: What are the ongoing actions of junta regimes in the townships where the martial law was imposed?

NBL: The junta declared martial law that allows its command commanders to enforce their rules over the public without step-by-step reports. The townships under this order can be categorized into two.  The first group is the stronghold of NUG and local defense forces and the second category includes the controlled areas of people defense forces.

 The junta forces cannot take position in some of these areas. People are facing many problems in the areas where both sides fail to make their fully control. The junta forces attack villages, arrest the local people, set fire to villages  and accuse the locals of PDF members and kill them. They are stealing private property. The junta soldiers are conducting arson attacks on the village more frequently.

TLT: How is the junta carrying out violent attacks on civilians? Why did they declare martial laws in these areas?

 NBL: Actually, only these specific areas are not under the martial law. The terrorist military is trying to put the whole country under their control.  However, people are vigorously opposing against their administration for more than two years.

TLT: What is your advice to the people in the martial law areas?

NBL: People need to live more vigilantly in these areas. Airstrike is the most dangerous attack on them.  As soon as the alert was issued, they must run into the hideouts. They should drill earlier.  Many people should not stay in a single and small area. Information of resistance forces and revolutionary tactics   must not be leaked into the junta side. People also need to live unitedly.

TLT: What is your concluding remark in this interview?

 NBL:  You know, the terrorist junta is trying to hold the power tightly. The state of emergency was extended for six months. As they cannot make election schedule, they ordered this extension. I believe they could not achieve any significant progress in six months. If they have  genuine desire for the peace and stability of the country, then they just release power which they illegally took in the coup. Only then, Myanmar will develop immediately, and people will surely celebrate their victory on the streets.

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