Thatyetchaung, 27 February

Members of local resistance force attacked five junta soldiers who went out from their camp into the village to
buy liquor on 22 February evening.

Two of them were killed in the incident, and the soldiers deliberately shot to kill one civilian.

These soldiers were from their camp at the pagoda near Saw Phyar village. After 10-minute exchange of fire,
the local PDFs retreated from the attack, said a local to Than Lwin Times.

In taking revenge, the junta soldiers deliberately killed a 40-year old man, identified as U Htoo Kyaing, in the
village street.
Until 24 February, the military has not picked up the bodies of their soldiers.

The junta troops arrested and killed two villagers in response to the ambush of local resistance forces on the
military column heading to Yange village in Thatyetchaung Township on 7 February.

The updated report of Assistance Association for Political Prisoners said that the civilian death toll in
Tanintharyi region has reached 109 until now.

News—Than Lwin Times

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