Donthami, March (2)

The resistance forces launched an attack on two military checkpoints near Donthami Bridge in Durinseik village tract in Mon State’s Thaton Township, the PDF official told Than Lwin Times.

The two junta checkpoints were attacked by the combined force of the Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA) around 11 am on March 1.

The mortar rounds attached to the drone landed in front of the junta gates and exploded, reportedly causing casualties among regime troops, according to a Thaton PDF official.

The regime forces opened fire on Kyonhtamain village, which is believed to be where the drone came from.

The Than Lwin Times is still investigating whether the artillery fired by the regime troops caused any casualties or damaged homes in Kyonhtamain village.

According to reports, drone attacks on the military council’s checkpoints caused a road blockade on the Thaton – Hpa-an road for more than 30 minutes.

On November 9, the junta checkpoint near the Kyar Pan toll gate in Thaton was attacked, killing one military personnel.

News-Than Lwin Times

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