Pekon, 4 March

The Karenni Army and the affiliated Kareni Nationalities Defence Force controlled one of the two Myanmar junta’s camps near Kayah and Thai border on 27 February.  

At the camp, Infantry Division 135 and 54, and Artillery Unit 360 were taking positions.

However, the resistance forces retreated back down the mountain as the military used five fighter jets in bombing over the camp, said the Karenni Military Information Center to Than Lwin Times.

The military camp fell within some minutes, and 10 bodies of their soldiers were found together with one 120-mm motor, one 9-mm motor, one 7-mm RPG, one machine gun, three MA-2, one MA-4 and two other guns, bombs and bullets.

The report said that around 80 soldiers were deployed at the camp.

“Junta soldiers were stationed at this strategic mountain. While they had no easy access to food supply, they took this advantage to lose their confidence,” said KMIC to Than Lwin Times.

The local guerilla forces conducted the raid as the junta troops tried to take positions at some of the camps in Kayah state near Thai border.

 During the recent raid, the joint local resistance forces suffered light causalities and 15 members were injured.

  About seven battles occurred near Kayah-Thai border areas in the first two months of 2023, leaving at least 40 dead of junta soldiers and over 20 were injured, according to the record of Karenni Army.

News— Than Lwin Times

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