15 women killed in one month of junta attacks


Sagaing, March (8)

The Burmese Women’s Union (BWU) reported that 15 women were killed in February alone due to targeted attacks on civilians, raids and shootings in communities, and burning people alive by the junta troops.

The Burmese Women’s Union (BWU) reported that seven of the deceased women were from Sagaing, three were from Bago, and one each was from Kachin, Karen, Chin, Tanintharyi, and Magway.

Among them, eight women were killed when the regime forces fired heavy weapons into the villages, and three women from Sagaing Region were burned alive during a military raid.

The military council has committed several human rights violations, such as raiding the strongholds of resistance forces, burning public homes, and taking hostages, and killing civilians, the locals told Than Lwin Times

In the first month of the 6-month state of emergency, which has been extended because the country is not in a normal situation, the arrests of women have increased significantly.

According to the Burmese Women’s Union (BWU), in February, the military council army arrested 35 women from five regions and two states, with 15 women arrested the most from Mandalay.

Those women were arrested for writing and sharing posts against the military council and their affiliates on social media networks, according to the Burmese Women’s Union (BWU).

Around 3,100 women have been detained across the country since the coup, and the military council has unfairly sentenced 570 of them.

News-Than Lwin Times


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