Junta troops launch massive offensive into Tanintharyi


Tanintharyi, March (10)

since March 8, more than 200 regime troops have entered Tanintharyi Township, which has been declared under martial law, according to the People’s Defense Forces.

The junta column advanced towards the villages of Bawdhikan, Tonbyaw, and Chaunglamu in Tanintharyi township, strongholds of resistance forces.

The military personnel kept firing mortar rounds on their way while searching for the members of PDF.

With increasing military tension, there is a possibility that the fighting will intensify, the comrades of the Non-Aligned Guerrilla Force told Than Lwin Times.

Locals claim that some locals escaped ahead of the regime troops’ invasion, while others are hiding in their homes and keeping an eye on the situation.

On March 7, a clash broke out between the junta army and the combined resistance force near Yebyu village in Tanintharyi Township, leaving the junta side with five fatalities and two injured.

According to Southern Monitor, a research group, a total of 37 clashes have been reported in Tanintharyi Region in February alone between the junta army and the resistance forces.

News-Than Lwin Times


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