Yangon, 10 March

Myanmar’s famous country singer Twantay Soe Aung died of brain haemorrhages around 2 am on 9 March.

His family members confirmed the 61-year-old singer’s death.

“My father passed away around 2:03 am this morning, “said his son Hein Kyaw who is also now a signer like his late father.

Soe Aung was very famous for his songs created with a mandolin. He began popular in his first solo album played with a mandolin due to his sweet voice and a rare type of music at that time.  

  He also performed in some films and videos.

The name of his native town Twantay was placed at the prefix of his name, and that he was well-known as Twantay Soe Aung. His songs were very popular among people in both urban and rural areas over a decade.

 His family background was not from the music profession, and his parents were farmers.

He sang over 100 music albums before his death.

News—Than Lwin Times

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