Nay Pyi Taw, March (11)

The military council has issued a counter-terrorism regulations to compile the information necessary to publish a list of individuals, groups, and those responsible for encouraging and supporting any act of terrorism, and to be able to send these lists to the United Nations.

Propaganda newspapers published on March 10 stated that the Ministry of Home Affairs has exercised its authority under Section 72, Sub-section (a), of anti-terrorism regulations and issued this regulation with the approval of the military regime.

Under Article 2 of the anti-terrorism regulations, a list of individuals and groups who have committed, encouraged, aided, incited, or participated in the commission of a crime in areas under their jurisdiction, whether based on credible information or submissions, must be submitted to the Central Committee along with evidence.

Items to be submitted include a summary of the act of terrorism, information and evidence obtained, and the names, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses of each terrorist or terrorist groups.

In addition, the outline of the terrorists or terrorist groups, and the reasons necessary to declare him a terrorist or a member of a terrorist group from domestic and foreign countries related to terrorism must also be submitted.

It also stated that details of the location of money and assets belonging to terrorists or terrorist groups, evidence, and information on the financing of terrorists must also be submitted.

U Than Soe Naing, a political analyst, said “The regulations issued by the military council are an attempt to respond to the countries by listing a list of false accusations while the West, including the United States, has designated the military regime as a terrorist organization and are imposing sanctions.

The law states that the list of names of persons, organizations, and those responsible for using the land of neighboring countries and foreign countries as a base for violence must also be sent to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to request that the authorities of the relevant foreign country issue a statement.

According to the regulation, the list of terrorists and terrorist groups declared by the regime must be sent to the United Nations and international counter-terrorism organizations, and action should be taken as much as possible.

Veteran Justice U Gyi Myint pointed out that the UN Security Council has already obtained evidence of crimes committed by the military group, so the military council’s diplomatic efforts will not succeed. In addition, the resolutions of the United Nations Security Council regarding terrorists must also be reported in the media.

The list of declared terrorists, terrorist groups, and supporters who are abroad must be promptly reported to the authorities of the relevant foreign country and to Interpol, it said.

In addition, the law states that an order must be issued to prevent money and property belonging to terrorists, terrorist groups, or related persons from being transferred, changed, concealed, disappeared, or transformed in any way, and anyone doing these actions must be banned.

News-Than Lwin Times

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