Yangon, March (17)

The Department of Communications of the military council has announced that mobile SIM cards that are not registered with the correct information on the National Identity Card will be closed within 90 days.

The military council said that the information, such as name and national identity card number, to be filled in when registering phone SIM cards is being checked against the national database of the Ministry of Immigration and Population.

The military council said it will send SMS to registered SIM card users who have not filled in the information correctly within 30 days to fill in the correct information.

The military council has warned that outgoing calls, outgoing text messages, and data usage services will be stopped for phone SIM cards that are not registered with a valid National Identification Card.

Therefore, the military council announced on March 14 that phone SIM cards that have not been re-registered with the correct information on the National Identity Card within 90 days from the time the one-way block was set will be permanently closed.

Technical experts have stated that the military council’s move is an attempt to gather information on those involved in the revolution.

There are currently 63 million or more SIM card users in Myanmar, according to the local telecom operators, and the military currently controls the local telecommunications companies.

The military council announced in November last year that users of phone SIM cards must register by January 31, 2023, or their cards will be permanently locked.

News-Than Lwin Times

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