Mawlamyine, 18 March

The National Unity Government issued a statement that actions will be taken against political parties registered at the junta regime as the registration is meant to support the killing of innocent civilians.

The government in exile said in its report on 15 March about planned fake and illegitimate elections of the junta regime.

“The NUG will take action against the pro-military organizations in accordance with the rules and regulations,” the report said, but it failed to mention the specific action.

Registration at junta-sponsored Union Election Commission is tantamount to oppressing and violent attack on the public , and it is contrary to public desire, the report said.

 The NUG insisted that if the military held the illegitimate elections, its parliament, elected representatives and government will not represent the nationals, and they would be just the ‘puppets of junta regime’.

 The Junta issued an order on 26 February that the existing political parties will be annulled if they failed to do new registration.

 Five political parties have been registered from 1 February to 14 March for nationwide elections, while other 18 parties will contest the seats for respective regions and state.

The Mon United Party is one of the parties registered for the upcoming elections.

 News—Than Lwin Times

Photo: Union Election Commission holds a meeting with political parties in Nay Pyi Taw

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