Mawlamyine, 19 March

The two-days meeting of Federal Political Negotiation and Consultative Committee (FPNCC) concluded on 16 March, and issued a statement to welcome Chinese intervention to resolve internal conflicts in Myanmar.

The FPNCC released a seven-point agreement after the meeting. Every ethnic organization in northern allied group  also expressed their appreciation for unconditional assistance of China during Covid-19 pandemic.

Those presented at the meeting were the leaders from ethnic organizations, including the United Wa State Party (UWSP), Kachin Independence Organization (KIO), Shan State East Special Region 4 Peace and Solidarity Committee (PSC), Shan State Progress Party (SSPP),   United League Arakan   (ULA),  Myanmar National Truth and Justice Party (MNTJP), Palaung State Liberation Front, Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army (MNDAA ) and National Democratic Alliance Army-NDAA (Mongla).

   They also agreed to work together with China in multiple sectors including the stability of border area.

The FPNCC also highlighted that the minority ethnic peoples in   border areas, will build peace with the mainland of Myanmar and establish a federal democratic union.

The statement also said they will rely on their own strength and capabilities in this process.

The meeting was held in  Pangkham (Pangsang), Wa State, and these leaders were scheduled to meet Chinese leaders in Kuming city.

News- Than Lwin Times

Photo: FPNCC

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