Pauk, 19 March

The military conducted attacks of ground forces and used MI-35 jet fighter in bombing over Pauk Township, Magway region, forcing over 5,000 civilians to flee from their homes on 15 March morning as the junta troops   approached to Thanetpinsin village on 15 March, said local forces to Than Lwin Times.

“They (junta soldiers) raided the villages since the last night. They also carried out airstrikes. No one was injured in the exchanged fire. Some of their soldiers were hit by landmines there,” said a member of local defense force.

“People in this area have suffered many hardships amid the conflicts. They do not have income. Foods and funds are collected for them from nearby villages as they have to flee from the junta troops,” said a local.

The need of water becomes more serious for the IDPs in summer, and food, medicines and basic personal items are also required for them.

 Soldiers set fire to three houses in Thanetpinsin village to show the signal of their existence when the MI-35 jet fighters were deployed.

 The junta has conducted over 500 airstrikes since the military coup.

Photo: Than Lwin Times

Photo: CJ

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