Mawlamyine, 18 March

The Ministry of Human Rights under the National Unity Government issued a report that a total of 766 people have been killed in 65 massacres up to 13 March 2023 since it seized the state power on 1 February 2021.

The figure also showed that 147 people were killed in 9 cases in 2021, 415 persons in 44 cases in 2022, and 103 persons in 11 massacres up to 13 March 2023.

Among these victims, 482 males, 78 females and 206 gender unidentified persons. The victims include 42 elderly persons and 62 children, the report said.

The highest number of causalities, around 80 persons, was seen in the air strikes on Anantpart village, Hpa-kant Township, in Kachin State.

The ministry is now working to prosecute the junta for these war crimes, including heavy weapon shelling and air strike over the villages.

The Assistance Association for Political Prisoners has reported that 3,124 people have been killed by the junta across the country.

News—Than Lwin Times

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