Local PDFs abandon their camp to shun offensive attack of military troops in Magwe


Yesagyo, 2 March

Local resistance force Myingyan Black Tiger abandoned their camp after offensive attack of military troops in Yesagyo Township in Magwe region on 18 March.

Captain Meik Khe said to Than Lwin Times that their MBT guerilla forces are preparing for counter attack on the military column with about 200 soldiers.

“After three days of intensive battle with the military troops, we had to abandon our camp. But we are now preparing for counter attack with the reinforcement of our allied forces,” sadi Captain Meik Khe.

Two guerillas of MBT force were injured, and one of them was seriously injured in three-day fight, while a least six junta soldiers were killed and many of them were wounded, he added.

Other local guerilla forces Federal Army, YSO ISA and Yessagyo reinforced MBT in the battle.

On 18 March night, the MBT carried out attack on junta troops camped at the office complex in Yesgyo Township, killing and injured some soldiers.

 News—Than Lwin Times

Photo: Myingyan Black Tiger


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