Mawlamyine, 22 March

 The National Unity Government has issued a press statement asking PTT oil and gas company based in Thailand to share information on the revenue delivered to the junta and other documents of the work related to Yadanar project in Myanmar.

 The statement also said that if  PTT failed to engage with the demand, the NUG will go to  an arbitration under the terms of   agreement, using international law on the basis of fundamental human rights and dignity of the people in Myanmar.

The junta is using these revenues to purchase weapons for killing civilians, attacking hospitals and schools, the statement said.

According to the United Nations, some 1,704,000 internally displaced persons have had to flee their homes since the coup. A further million people are seeking refuge in neighbouring countries.

 The NUG also sought assistance from all companies and government in stopping the funds to the junta that enable violent acts of junta and for the sake of common humanity.

 The statement also sought information on the revenues that have been delivered from PTT to the junta under the relevant contracts, as well as monthly report and other details of work done since the coup.

 The statement added that the NUG’s demand was not to intend to harm PTT, or to interrupt its supply, but to enable PTT to prove its business activities are carried out in line with fundamental human rights.

 News: Than Lwin Times

Photo: NUG

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