Mawlamyine, March (23)

Some fuel stations in Mon state run out of gas due to the delay in transportation and the reduction in the sale of fuel, the fuel suppliers told Than Lwin Times.

The Nyaung Khar Shae checkpoint has recently been clogged with hundreds of vehicles, making a one-day trip take three days instead and delaying the delivery of fuel.

Furthermore, after the second military leader, Lt. General Soe Win, stated that it was necessary to reduce the use of foreign currency due to rising global fuel prices, as well as the consumption of imported fuel, fuel quotas were reduced.

A fuel supplier said that there is a shortage of fuel because the authorities have reduced the fuel quota by 10 percent.

According to fuel traders, shortages of gasoline may occur frequently as a result of the decrease in supply, and the black market may eventually develop.

A three-wheeled taxi driver said that it is difficult to buy fuel due to the shortage of fuel, adding “Denko and PT Power in the city did not have any fuel yesterday. The New Day shop also closed early because it received fewer fuel quota.”

Despite certain gas stations having a shortage of fuel, gasoline (95) costs more than 2,200 kyats per liter, diesel (92) costs 2100 kyats, and diesel price is around 2,200 kyats per liter.

Due to frequent fuel shortages, it may be difficult for public transportation, and small, medium, and macro businesses that rely on generators may be affected by power outages, the businessmen pointed out.

During the NLD administration, the cost of fuel was just about 600 kyats per liter; however, since the military takeover, the cost has more than quadrupled, with frequent price fluctuation.

News-Than Lwin Times

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