Nay Pyi Taw, March (23)

The junta’s Union Election Commission (UEC) has received applications from 33 political parties seeking party establishment and registration rights to run in a sham election, according to reports in military-controlled newspapers.

Among the 33 parties, eight parties will organize the entire union, and the remaining 25 parties will organize only within a region or state.

According to Section 25 of the Political Parties Registration Law, the New Society Party, the Arakan National Party, the Kachin National Congress Party, and the National Political Democratic Party, which wish to remain as political parties, came to the UEC on March 20 and 21 to apply for party registration.

From February 1 to March 21, six parties have applied for the right to establish a party under Section 3 of the Political Parties Registration Law, and 27 parties have applied for the right to continue as a political party under Section 25, said the propaganda newspaper.

These parties are being scrutinized by the junta’s UEC, and as of today, it has not yet announced which political parties will be approved.

The military council urged the parties to apply for registration by March 28, and the registration deadline is less than a week away.

The 88th generation student leader U Ko Ko Gyi’s People’s Party, which has decided to register as a party that will organize the entire union, has not yet applied for party registration.

The Shan National League for Democracy (SNLD), a powerful ethnic political party that won 42 constituencies in the 2020 general election, has told Than Lwin Times that it has decided not to register as a party.

According to the Political Parties Registration Law, parties must apply for registration within 60 days, or they will be automatically void as political parties.

News-Than Lwin Times


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