Hearing and reporting on Myanmar’s situation were made during the sessions of UN Security and UN General Assembly in the second week of March. International community was also asked to take punitive action against Myanmar’s junta regime.

The interview with U Kyaw Zaw, the spokesperson of President’s Office of National Unity Government, is  about Myanmar’s situations at the UNGA, the reports of NUG and possible actions to prevent further massacre of junta regime in the future.

TLT: What were the topics discussed on Myanmar issue at the recent UN General Assembly?

U Kyaw Zaw:  Special Envoy of the Secretary-General on Myanmar Noeleen Heyzer, and Indonesian Foreign Minister and ASEAN Special Envoy on Myanmar Retno Marsudi reported on Myanmar at the UN Security Council meeting. They updated the situations in relation to UNSC’s resolution in December 2022. As it was a closed-door meeting, we did not know the details. We got some information from the diplomats participated in that meeting.

We conclude that the junta regime is reluctant to implement all the resolutions of UNSC. Instead, their atrocities become more terrible. The situation in Myanmar gets worse. The two envoys   presented these situations.

The report to UN General Assembly reflects the real situations in Myanmar. The junta is carrying out more brutal attacks on civilians. It reflected confession for their loss.  The envoys discussed the junta is preparing for a fake and illegitimate elections for a political way out, but this option could lead to more violent attacks in Myanmar. They also said that Myanmar people are opposing to the junta ruling in peaceful protests and in armed revolution. 

 TLT: What did the NUG present to the UN sessions? What can Myanmar people expect from this?

U Kyaw Zaw:  Ambassador U Kyaw Moe Tun could not attend UNSC meeting as it was a closed-door event of   representatives from UNSC member countries. However, he informally discussed with the representatives before and after the meeting. However, U Kyaw Moe Tun made a presentation at the UNGA about   updated situations in Myanmar, including recent massacre in Pinlaung Township of southern Shan State, in which the junta brutally killed three Buddhist monks and some civilians.

TLT: What is the development on filing lawsuit of NUG against the junta chief at the international court?

 U Kyaw Zaw:  I am not a legal expert. As far as I know, the Acting President has sent a letter for investigation to the International Criminal Court last year. It has accepted the letter. However, they have not decided to file the case or not. Another option is the transferal of case from UNSC to ICC for investigation and lawsuit. The ICC must take immediate action on this. They do not need to review on the case.

We are trying in various ways. We have done our best. We are working together with international partners for legal action against Myanmar junta. We have shared concrete documents being ready for investigation. We are preparing for lawsuit against the junta in Argentina and in Germany for investigation. These courts have not decided whether to accept the lawsuit or not.  We will also take legal action against Myanmar junta in Indonesia and Turkey. In these ways, we are making various pressures on the junta regime. It is expected that these attempts will come out results.

TLT: What is NUG’s plan to stop mass killings of civilians in the areas with strong armed struggle?

U Kyaw Zaw:  We are doing all the possible ways legally and militarily to stop the junta killing civilians. If we cannot protect property of people, we find ways for the safety of people.

TLT: It was found that the junta has recently incited racial and religious hatred.  How will the NUG address this?

U Kyaw Zaw:  The NUG, the Karenni public administration and PaO revolutionary force organized a joint press.  We disclosed all our findings without secrecy. We displayed ammunition of junta troops. The military spread propaganda that PDFs and ethnic forces killed these innocent civilians. The military used photos and fake captions. Actually, PaO and Karenni people have lived together peacefully . These two groups have mutually supported each other. However, the military is always trying to divide these two ethnic groups and take advantage on diverse views to weaken unity and to hold on power.

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