The junta is increasing its momentum of conducting air strikes and heavy weapon shell targeting civilians in the controlled area of Karen National Union. The current violent attacks in 2023  were never seen before, according to the statement Karen Human Rights Group.

Interview with Saw Nanda Sue, the organizing officer of KHRG, is about human rights violation against civilians in KNU controlled area, the injured victims and severe hardship of locals.

TLT: Could you talk about offensive attacks and human rights violation of junta troops in KNU controlled areas in February and March this year?

 Saw Nanda Sue: Armed conflicts are intensifying in Kayin state in February and March 2023.  The military continue motor shelling and airstrikes, mainly in the areas of brigades 1, 3 and 5. Random shells dropped into brigades 1 (Thahton district) and 2 (Nyaunglaybin district), while air raids mostly occurred in brigades 3 and 5. These attacks left man civilians injured, including women and children. Their houses and cars were also destroyed.

TLT: Could you specify civilian injuries and other impacts due to attacks and human rights violation of junta forces?

Saw Nanda Sue:  In the past two months, random motor shelling and airstrikes in the brigades 1, 2 and 5 have killed at least 5 locals  and 11 injured, including four children and one woman. These are just records, and true figure is likely to be higher.  About 28 buildings were destroyed, including civilian houses, dispensaries and religious facilities. A car was damaged, and a cattle was also killed. These are the figures we collected.

TLT: What is the remark of KHRG on the attacks of junta? How about the situations of displaced persons from the conflicts?

Saw Nanda Sue:  Attacking civilians is the violation of international humanitarian law. Concisely, people in Kayin state fear for their safety in February and March this year.  Clashes remain strong. Causalities and injuries of civilian are still seen. Buildings are being destroyed. People are living in fear. The number  internally displaced persons is on the rise. And that, more humanitarian assistance is still needed for them.

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