Kyainseikgyi, March (25)

The Special Operations Forces (S.O.F) reported on March 24 that a military column carrying rations into Kyainseikgyi township of KNU Brigade 6 was ambushed, killing at least ten soldiers, including a deputy battalion commander, and confiscating the weapons.

The joint forces of the KNLA, Special Operations Forces (S.O.F), and the Red Dragon Column intercepted the convoy that was coming to Kwilondaing camp in Kyainseikgyi township to deliver food and bring the wounded from March 16 to 17 near Kwilondaing village.

On March 21, the KNLA forces blocked and attacked a column of around 80 troops near Taungkalay village, Kyainseikgyi township, and a fierce battle broke out while the junta carried out three airstrikes, said Red Dragon Column in its statement.

Nearly 10 people, including a deputy battalion commander, were killed, many were injured, and four weapons were confiscated in the two battles, according to the Special Operations Forces (S.O.F).

The junta forces used helicopters and fighter jets in the attacks, destroying residential buildings and injuring some local residents and members of the resistance forces.

Currently, the regime forces are deployed near Kwilondaing village in Taung Klay village, confiscating the food, money, and cattle of the nearby village, as well as committing human rights violations such as arresting and killing civilians and using them as porters, according to the Special Operations Force (S.O.F.).

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