Kawkayeik, March (30)

More than 1,000 locals were forced to flee their homes as the junta launched mortar shells into Mae Ka Nae village in Brigade 6 of KNU’s Dooplaya District, they are facing problems with food, accommodation, and medicine, according to the report of Dooplaya District.

The fighting has intensified after the resistance forces led by KNLA launched simultaneous attacks on junta outposts, a police station, and a trade zone checkpoint on the Myawaddy-Kawkayeik-Kyondoe road since March 25.

Many members of the junta-aligned Border Guard Force (BGF) were killed in the battle, and some were captured alive, while thousands of locals fled the junta’s targeted attacks.

The continuous artillery strikes by junta troops based at Thingan Nyi Naung forced over 1,000 locals in inner and outer Ka Mae Nae viilages to flee for safety. Similarly, thousands of villagers from Kamaingkon fled near Kawkayeik and Kyondoe because of intense fighting.

The officials from Dooplaya District reported on March 28 that the displaced people are currently in need of accommodation, food, and medicine.

At least five civilians were killed and many were injured in the fighting that took place in Myawaddy, Kawkayeik, and Kyondoe. Many religious buildings and homes were destroyed, and thousands of local residents were forced to flee their homes.

According to a KNU statement, the military council has committed countless human rights violations in KNU territory in the two years since the military takeover, resulting in nearly 200 villager deaths and 500 injuries.

News-Than Lwin Times


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