Fighting escalates in Tanintharyi


Tanintharyi, March (30)

The resistance forces have been clashing with the junta army near Chaung Hna Pauk village on the Tanintharyi-Mawdaung road in Tanintharyi Township, where martial law has been imposed, the members of the local resistance forces told Than Lwin Times.

The clash broke out when a military convoy of 50 soldiers was hit by a landmine as they entered Chaung Hna Pauk village on March 28.
The fighting continued until the evening of March 29, and the details of the situation are still unknown.

According to reports, the regime troops deployed at Yebyu village in Tanintharyi have fired heavy weapons into the neighborhood.
Thousands of locals from Chaung Hna Pauk, Thein Khun, and Indaw villages are fleeing thefighting, and they are in dire need of humanitarian aid, said the IDPs.

The junta troops stationed at a toll gate near Chaung Hna Pauk village were attacked on March 19, and some were injured or killed.
The clashes between the junta army and the joint force of PDFs have been common since Tanintharyi Township was placed under martial law on February 2.

News-Than Lwin Times



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