The Women Party (Mon) submitted their application for political party registration on 24 March at the junta’s
Union Election Commission. They applied for nationwide campaign and registration.

In this interview, the reason for their registration, recruitment of party members and campaign plans for the
upcoming elections were discussed with Chairwoman of Women’s Party (Mon) Mi Than Shin.

TLT: Could you explain the reason for registration of Women’s Party (Mon)?

Mi Than Shin: Our Women’s Party is not very serious about politics, but rather to reach the areas of Mon
people. We will live with them in weal and woe. We will confront any problems together with them. This is our
core objective (for registration).

TLT: According to the new electoral law, political parties at the national level must have 100,000 members
and offices in 165 townships. What will be your difficulties for this?

Mi Than Shin: We will have some difficulties to fulfill these requirements. But I think our Mon people could
solve it together. We will mainly focus on the areas with our offices in Ayeyawady region, Bago region, Yangon
region, Mon villages in Kayin state, Mon state and Tanintharyi region. Our party is not strange to these areas
with a total of 265 offices.

TLT: What are the plans of Women’s Party (Mon) for the upcoming elections?

Mi Than Shin: We will first try to get 100,000 members from the areas of Mon people. Then, we will set up 165
offices. The following plan will depend on the situations.

TLT: Could you talk about development in opening of party offices?

Mi Than Shin: We will open one office each in respective regions and state, for example, in Pathein for
Ayeyawady, in Bago city of Bago region, in Mawlamyine of Mon state and in Yebyu township of Tanintharyi
region. We have a limited budget, and need to work more.

TLT: What will be your challenges to get 100,000 party members, and which areas will you focus on for
election campaign?

Mi Than Shin: Our Mon people voluntarily have applied for party members even before our campaign.
Surprisingly, they have already stood with us. They prioritize Mon people. They expect Mon people who can
promote their lives. We also believe that we could fulfill their expectations. They will make closer ties with
them. They help us with gathering and persuading their community. We don’t need to ask for their member

TLT: Do you have any concluding remark on party registration?

Mi Than Shin: “We will not give up our efforts. We will continue our works. If we backtracked from the existing
development, we would surely get blamed for our surrender. We will move forward to prove our firm
determination to the public.”

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