Bawlakhe, 30 March

The Karenni Army seized a foothold of Myanmar military near Thai border at the eastern bank of Thanlwin River in Kayah state, according to the report on 28 March.

The 5 th battalion of KA and its allied forces attacked the military camp BP-11 on 24 March, and confiscated one 60-mm mortar and 6 small weapons.

Moreover, the Karenni forces raided Huayhai border camp of the military in eastern bank of Thanlwin River on 16 March, but the rebel forces had to retreated from it due to the airstrike of the military.

The junta troops have been mobilizing its forces and provisions at the Kayah state bordering with Thailand since early this month, and faced ambush attacks of KA and the joint forces.

News—Than Lwin Times

Photo: KA

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