NUG president extends his appreciation to political parties that shun junta’selections


Mawlamyine, 30 March

Acting President of National Unity Government, Duwa Lashi La, expressed his appreciation to political parties that do not recognize Myanmar junta’s fake and illegitimate elections for which the date have not been set until now.

At the 12 th meeting of NUG on 28 March, , the acting president said, “I would like to express my appreciation to all the political parties that do not register for the elections.”

He added that the junta chief cannot control his military arms very well, and he fears for territory contols of NUG and people defence forces.

The action president also said that the junta chief expressed his anxiety on 27 March, with saying ‘total elimination’ of revolutionary forces’.

The junta-stacked Union Election Commission released at statement on 28 March that dissolves 40 political parties, including National League for Democracy, for failing to re-register within the specific time-frame.

News—Than Lwin Times

Photo: NUG


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