Demoso, 31 March

One person was killed and 4 were injured in the airstrike of military on a village of internally displaced persons in western part of Demoso Township, Kayah state, on 28 March evening.

Volunteers for IDPs said to Than Lwin Times that the bombs were dropped over the village despite no battle there at that time.

The information of victims and name of village were not mentioned for security reason.

Many displaced persons are taking shelters in western part of Demoso Township, and the junta troops are firing motor shells almost every day, and frequently conducted airstrike on this area.

Jet fighters of the military bombed over Kayah state at least 13 times in 2023.

The Karenni Human Rights Group (KnHRG) stated that there are 180,000 IDPs in Kayah state,and 30 percent of them are the children.

News— Than Lwin Times

Photo: KNDF

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