Yangon, April (1)

The military council is attempting to attract a huge crowd to the upcoming New Year's traditional Thingyan Festival, but its Ministry of Religion and Culture has warned in propaganda newspapers on March 31 that Thangyat performances will be banned during the festival.

The warning stated that it bans the dialogue, Thangyat performance, singing, and behavior that abuse any person or organization regarding the Thingyan Festival.

Ko Min Thwe Thit, the leader of the Oway Thangyat performance troupe, says the dictators banned Thangyat performance because they fear that Thangyat is a demonstration of what’s happening in the country by the people and critics directly.

Under U Thein Sein, Thingyan Thangyat was not banned because they wanted to show political change, but if the troupe were going to perform the content of Thingyan Thangyat, they had to submit it to the authorities for censorship until the NLD government.

Zeppi, director of the Freedom of Voice group, told Than Lwin Times that the restrictions on freedom of expression became the worst under the military regime.

In 2019 Thingyan, seven members of the Peacock Generation in Yangon and Ayeyarwadddy regions were prosecuted by the military in six townships under Section 505(a) of defamation and Section 66(d) of the Communications Act for satirical content.

Peacock Generation, a group formed by members of the students’ union, performed

Revolutionary Thangyat last year in Thingyan at a village in the liberated area and at a People's Defense Force camp.

The military council is organizing a central pavilion, ‘Yein’ dance competitions, walking Thingyan, refreshment receptions, and stage shows by famous singers to make the Thingyan festival more crowded.

The revolutionary forces have urged the people not to participate in the Thingyan festival held by the junta and not to go to crowded places during Thingyan.

News – Than Lwin Times

Photo: MOI/92 Solider

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