Myawaddy, April (4)

Nearly 1,500 Myanmar migrant workers working in Thailand under the bilateral MOU system are being fired en masse in recent days, the labor activists told Than Lwin Times.

Thai employers fired nearly 1,500 Myanmar nationals who were working under the bilateral MOU system in two factories in Mahachai area of Samut Sakhon district and another area of Nakhon Patong district.

Ko Ye Min, who is helping with labor affairs, said that he is providing solutions to help Myanmar workers who have become unemployed receive appropriate compensation and find new jobs, and if they are not able to return to their jobs, they will be sent back to their home country.

He said, “Myanmar Humanitarian Action Center (MHAC) is working together with the Labor Rights Promotion Network Foundation (LPN) to get proper compensation for the workers and get them new jobs as soon as possible. The dismissal of those workers is the responsibility of the Myanmar agencies that send the workers under the bilateral agreement MOU system, and they should take responsibility”.

In order to get compensation for the dismissed Myanmar workers and to get them new jobs, Ko Ye Min (MHAC), the LPN Foundation and U Wai Lin Maung, and the officials of the NUG’s Ministry of Labor are working together to solve the workers’ problems with Thai authorities.

Ko Ye Min said that the Myanmar embassy’s labor officers have not resolved the mass firing of Myanmar migrant workers under the MOU system. He also warned Myanmar workers not to come to Thailand under the MOU system at all.

Since last year, Myanmar workers have been sent to Thailand under the MOU system between the two countries, and in the workplace, workers are constantly facing problems such as not receiving wages, being fired, and having their rights violated.

News-Than Lwin Times

Photo- Ye Min (MHAC)

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