Myeik, April (4)

The 2nd Battalion of the People’s Defense Force (Myeik District) has issued an emergency warning not to travel through the Myeik-Bokepyin Pyidaungsu road and the Htonkar-Mawdaung routes in Tanintharyi Region as the fighting may intensify.

According to the PDF, they do not want the travelers to be harmed because of the recent turbulent military situation and the intense fighting in Tanintharyi Township.

The revolutionary force has banned the use of Pyidaunsu Road and Htonkhar-Mawdaung border trade road from Kyaynan Daing Bridge in Myeik Township to Ma Noe Yone village in Bokepyin Township starting from April 3.

An official of the 2nd Battalion of Myeik District told Than Lwin Times that they mistakenly fired at a passenger vehicle that was following a military convoy a few days ago, so they had to take precaution to prevent such incidents from happening again.

The resistance group said that the Myeik-Bokepyin and Htonkhar-Mawdaung roads are currently closed indefinitely and will inform the people of the date and time when they will be allowed to be used again.

On the night of April 1, a passenger vehicle coming from Myeik to Kawthaung on the Pyidaungsu road between Ledaungyar village and Tamoke Chone village in Tanintharyi township was accidentally shot by the PDF, killing two passengers and injuring five others.

Around 10 junta soldiers were killed during the eight fights that took place in Tanintharyi Township between March 28 and April 2, while some members of the People’s Defense Forces (PDFs) may have also sustained injuries.

News-Than Lwin Times


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