Loikaw, April (8)

The military council, which has extended the state of emergency, has resorted to heavy airstrikes as casualties on the ground continue to mount during the recent fighting, the resistance forces told Than Lwin Times.

The military regime, which extended the state of emergency for six months on January 31 on the grounds that the country is not in a normal situation, has been aggressively carrying out airstrikes across the country.

Since the end of February, the regime troops have been aggressively invading the areas where the strongholds of revolutionary forces, such as Kachin, Kayah, Karen, Chin, and upper Myanmar, such as Sagaing and Magwe, with the help of the airstrikes.

Ko Phyo, the information official of the Karenni Nationalities Defense Force (KNDF) said the military council has suffered huge losses in the battles of Kayah state, and they are marching with fighter planes when they hear the sound of gunfire.

After the military leader said that he would take decisive action against some ethnic armed organizations supporting the NUG and PDF, more airstrikes have been carried out every day, and new incendiary bombs have also been tested.

According to information gathered by Than Lwin Times, in February and March, the military council carried out at least 300 airstrikes across the country, notably conducting joint air-ground operations.

On the other hand, the military council has invited a technical team from the Pakistan Air Force to repair and upgrade the fighter jets, according to international reports.

According to sources close to the military, the military council has designated 2023 to be the year of air operations.

Among the junta’s airstrikes, there were large numbers of civilians killed in the attacks on Kone Thar village in Shan State’s Namsan Township, Ananpa village in Kachin’s Phakant Township, and Letyatkone village in Sagaing Region.

According to a statement by the National Unity Government (NUG), the junta has carried out at least 650 airstrikes in the two years since the military coup.

News – Than Lwin Times

Photo: KNDF

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