Interview with Deputy Company Commander of 3rd Company of White Tiger Column and Leader of Swallow company

The Swallow company is revolutionary group, and is doing military operations in Kawkareik district, Kayin State. It has allied with partner organizations in removing the military dictatorship.

This interview with Deputy Company Commander of 3rd Company of White Tiger Column and Leader of Swallow Troop, Captain Swallow,  is about their decision to choose armed struggle, their ongoing challenges and their message to the public.

TLT: Why did you decide to involve in this revolution?

Captain Swallow: I took part in peaceful protest (after 2001 coup). There are many persons who joined civil disobedient movement in our region. While protecting them, I joined armed struggle in 1 April. Earlier, I was a local youth leader. The youth has decided to protect the CDMers. I understood I should accompany them. I am the eldest trainee at the military training course of Karen National Union started on 1 April.

I am now 43 years old. I felt that I should take care and protect the youth under local society in the revolution after the military coup. I also give them advice about the geographical condition. We joined the revolution due to the military’s misconduct by taking coup. We have families and businesses. We abandoned them and have been struggling for two years.  We have firm determination to reach our destination.

TLT: Why did you choose armed struggle although you worked for civil society organization?

Captain Swallow: First, I intended to protect CDMers without armed struggles if the military treated them well. But, we experienced negative results.  So, we decided to fight back them in armed struggle.

TLT: What is your difficulty in armed struggle as you are a member of  civil society organization and  a wizard?

Captain Shallow: I am a wizard master of Shwe Yin Kyaw sect. I have around 60 followers. I never image to carry out armed struggle instead of my responsibility for medical treatment in magical way and for religious affairs. I devoted in these meritorious deeds for many years. Armed struggle is much different from philanthropic work which is simple and honest. I had to change my mind very difficultly. One of my comrades was killed for the first time in the battle this week. In the past, my comrades were just injured. I become wild and out of control now. Concisely, we have sacrificed our lives in the revolution.

TLT: What are difficulties of your troop at present, and what are your future plan?

Captain Swallow: Our company is comprised with local ethnic people. Only few are from other states. We normally do not pose our video files and records online. It is not because of our worry, but because of proximity of our camp to the military post. There is only a creek between our company and military camp. They can attack our families and donors while we are going to frontline. We have our meal shared by the monks at the monastery instead of raising funds for our food. Then, we could save certain amount of funds to get weapons and ammunition. Although we collected certain weapons, we need more ammunition at present. We have no good sniper. We need it. We are using a second-hand sniper at present. It does not hit target accurately. We supply weapons and ammunition to our forces as possible as we can. We have no regular or monthly donors to us.

TLT: What is your message to the public?

Captain Shallow: I understand our people are losing their strength in the last two years. They have heavily invested their time and efforts in the revolution. But I want to request them (people) to rally their strength in 2023. In my personal view, we will see significant result this year.”

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