Entire VENOM column joins Cobra column


Myawaddy, April (11)

The entire VENOM column joined the KNLA-affiliated Cobra column that was fighting against the regime troops in the territory of the Karen National Union (KNU) Brigade 6, according to the statement of the Cobra column.

Since April 6, the entire VENOM column has joined the Cobra column, and this collaboration has reorganized the structure of the Cobra column into Column 1 and Column 2, according to the statement.

Lieutenant Da Baw’s responsibility as operation commander of the Cobra column, lieutenant Saw Kaw as commander of column 1, Lieutenant Twan Tay’s as deputy column commander of column 1, Lieutenant Saw Win Myint’s as commander of column 2, and Lieutenant Saw Nyein Chan Win’s as deputy commander of column 2 are described in that statement.

Daw Ya Min Wa Wa Maung, VENOM Column’s information official, said that the cooperation with the Cobra Column is for the purpose of fighting against the military dictators in cooperation with any like-minded organizations that have the right stance and the right purpose in order to attack the military regime with strong force.

In addition, she said, in order to put an end to the sufferings of the people who have been under the evil dictatorship for many years, as soon as possible, they are cooperating with the Cobra column so that they can join forces with their ethnic brothers and sisters and fight against the military council.

The VENOM column, led by the Cobra column, is engaged in battles to end the dictatorship, and on April 9, fighting broke out in the Southern Military Region of Myawaddy District, with the junta army and aligned BGF marching in three columns, according to the VENOM column.

According to Karen social groups, the junta army and the BGF forces are currently escalating the assault and using heavy weapons in the region of KNU’s Brigade 6. This has caused the local population to escape for safety and increased the need for humanitarian aid.

News-Than Lwin Times

Photo- Cobra Column


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