Interview with Ko Nway Oo from Civil Defence and Security Organization of Myaing (CDSOM)

The Civil Defence and Security Organization of Myaing (CDSOM) is a guerilla force that is confronting the military’s ‘Belu Commando’ column who are beheading PDFs in many areas of the country.

The interview with Ko Nway Oo from Civil Defence and Security Organization of Myaing (CDSOM) is about their fights against ‘Belu commando’ column, about beheading of CDSOM’s Deputy Commander Captain Sin Yine (Wild Elephant), and their difficulties in military operations in central Myanmar.

 TLT: Could you talk about the military situations in central Myanmar?

Ko Nway Oo: We can purchase weapons and ammunitions by the cash donated by the people. We have gained more victories. But we have not reached our destination. The amount of donation has declined as their  businesses are not good. So, we have to limit in purchasing weapons. Some resistance groups which do not get financial assistance have difficulties in basic needs of living.

 TLT: Could you recount the fight against ‘Belu commando’ column?

Ko Nway Oo: They began offensive attack on 3 March. There were ambushes every day. The major clash occurred on 15 March. The battles killed 8 soldiers on 15 March, and 9 on 16 March. They headed to Yesagyo on 20 March. On their way back, we ambushed them for two and half hours. Twenty-one soldiers, including their platoon commander, were killed on that day. We found ‌the letter that terminates services of their deceased platoon commander from Corporal Myint Kyaw who buried his officer. The death toll is high in their troops.

TLT: Why did your Deputy Commander Captain Sin Yine die in this battle? How will his death on your group?

Ko Nway Oo: He gave trainings for our troops since our group was first established. He was also a disciplinary officer of our group? He was an excellent and well-disciplined officer. He was simple and honest. Around 5 am on 30 March, the Belu Commando column surrounded us from two sides. Our troops had no weapons at that time to defend. Although Captain Sin Ying could escape from the raid, he tried to rescue a wounded former military captain who joined civil disobedient movement in our force. Then, Captain Sin Yine and his friend were arrested by the military. His head and hands were cut by junta soldiers. It showed his spirit of comrade-in-arms.

TLT: What is the difference between Belu Commando column and other ordinary military column?

Ko Nway Oo: They are not afraid of death. They do not care our mines and attacks. Although their soldier was shot, they moved ahead. They have better military tactics than other columns. So, we need to be vigilant against them.

 TLT: What is you view on military’s recent severe offensive attacks on the central Myanmar?

Ko Nway OO: Exactly, they are conducting frequent offensive attacks on the whole Sagaing region. A PDF camp was raided, and five members were killed. More PDFs and civilians were killed in February and March. The military is putting more efforts to get back the stronghold areas of resistance force. Their strategy is to retake   these areas, and then they could easily control other areas.

 TLT: What is your message to NUG?

Ko Nway Oo: We have regular contact with NUG since May 2021. All the people, PDFs and local resistance forces have recognized NUG as a legitimate government, and we are fighting against the junta. They need to accept our criticism about mismanagements of some of their departments. If they treated critics as enemies, they could not enhance their management. If the revolution lasted longer, our citizens would suffer from starvation. They should have entire focus on the revolution while people are being killed and fleeing from homes. Their property and houses were burnt down. They should not show any favouritism among resistance forces. It could ensure the victory of our revolution immediately.

 TLT: What is your final message to the public?

Ko Nway Oo: I have two important messages to the public. They need to know that the military columns were trained for killings civilians or PDFs cruelly. So, it is better to avoid them. When we alert to flee, the villages should run away immediately. Then, we could carry out the battels without worries. The second message is that our local forces have no arsenals to fight against the military. We have to purchase weapons and ammunition with the donation of public. We should not raise more funds from the public because in our area almost every village was set fire, and almost everybody is facing hardship. So, I am reluctant to ask donations from the people. And that if we got the required weapons and military devices, we could move forward more quickly in our revolution.

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