Mawlamyine, 13 April

The National Unity Government issued a press release dated on 11 April on the aerial attacks of military junta on civilians in Pazigyi village of Kantbalu Township in Sagaing region.

The press release said that NUG has made a solemn pledge to take actions on the terrorist military council for its mass murder of innocent citizens, crimes against humanity and war crimes against the citizens.  

The military used a jet fighter in air raid  and a Mi-13 attack helicopter  many times on a gathering of villagers  on 11 April,  killing more than 100 innocent civilians, including 18 children and pregnant women.

 The NUG said that it has been collating, confirming and authenticating reports from the site; offering assistance and aid in cooperation with local civil organizations making funeral arrangements; ensuring that medical teams of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Defence were caring for the wounded and all that needed medical care, while informing the diplomatic community and international community.

In addition, the junta’s jet fighter also carried out attacks on rescue works at the site in the afternoon.

 NUG has recorded that the military carried out 65 massacres, killing 766 civilians, after the coup.

 News—Than Lwin Times


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