Loikaw, April (16)

A drone struck the central pavilion of the military council in Kayah State’s Loikaw, the local residents told Than Lwin Times.

On the morning of April 15, a drone attack on the Thingyan pavilion injured army officers and revelers.

Although there have been claims of casualties, Than Lwin Times has yet to clarify how many people died or suffered injuries in the attack.

After a drone struck the military council's central pavilion, security forces were conducting a search and inspection around the pavilion.

When Than Lwin Times approached the Karenni PDFs for comments on the incident, they said they were unable to give the details.

It is not yet known which group is responsible for the drone attack on the Thingyan pavilion of the state council.

Last year, a bomb went off at the junta’s Thingyan pavilion in Kayah state, injuring some people.

News-Than Lwin Times


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