Kawthoolei, April (16)

At least 400 junta troops were killed in more than 300 clashes between the KNLA/KNDO and
the regime forces in March alone in the KNU-held Kawthoolei area, reported the KNLA on April

According to the statement, there were 373 battles between the KNU’s armed wings—the Karen
National Liberation Army (KNLA)/ Karen National Defence Organization (KNDO)—and the junta
army in March, with 422 junta soldiers killed and 258 injured.

During the fighting, seven comrades of KNU’s alliance sacrificed their lives for the country, while
31 others were injured, and among those killed or injured were PDF comrades.

In March, fierce fighting erupted between regime forces and KNU allied forces in the areas of
KNU Brigades 5 (Hpapun District), Brigade 6 (Dooplaya), and Brigade 3 (Nyaunglaybin), and
the KNLA joint forces captured Mae Khar Htar camp, the military council’s main base, in the 5 th
Brigade (Hpapun District).

As of mid-April, fighting between the two groups continues in almost all KNU-controlled districts,
with the military regime using heavy weapons and multiple rocket launchers , and conducting

Fierce fighting has damaged homes and religious buildings in KNU territory, forcing many
people to flee to safety, and the IDPs are in need of humanitarian assistance.
News – Than Lwin Times
Photo: KNU

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