Myawaddy, April (19)

The regime troops have been firing into the villages using multiple rocket launcher system amid the fighting around Maekanei of KNU Brigade 6 in Myawaddy, according to the ground information.

On April 18, at 6:30 a.m., when the junta troops invaded Mekanei village in Myawaddy Township, a clash occurred with the combined force of Cobra Column 2 and Venom PDF Column.

According to the initial report of the Venom PDF column, the regime troops disguised themselves by wearing KNU uniforms and two junta soldiers were killed in the battle, and two weapons were seized by the joint forces.

According to the sources, the regime forces are firing into the village of Maekanei with a multiple rocket launcher system.

Heavy fighting has been going on between the KNLA-led revolutionary forces and the junta-aligned BGF in Mekanei village since the end of March, and until now, the massive junta forces have been using heavy weapons and the air force to strike Mekanei village.

As a result of junta’s artillery shelling and airstrikes, many houses, including a Christian church, were burned and destroyed, and thousands of people were forced to flee to safety, according to Karen social organizations.

News-Than Lwin Times

Photo – CINCDS (Military council’s Artillery and Armored Units during military exercises with multiple launch rocket systems)

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