Tanintharyi, April (19)

The fighting has abated in Tanintharyi Township, where martial law has been imposed, in recent days, but most of the people who fled the conflict have not yet returned to their homes, the aid workers told Than Lwin Times.

Daily clashes took place in Tanintharyi Township between the regime troops and the revolutionary forces from March 28 to April 12.

The fighting forced nearly 15,000 residents from more than 10 villages, including Thae Phyu, Thein Khun, Chaung Hnapauk, Banlamut, Yanphoe, Nyaungbinkon, and Kanto villages in Tanintha Township, to hide in nearby forests and villages for safety.

However, although the fighting between the two sides has recently subsided, the displaced people are afraid to return to their homes because they fear that the fighting will resume, a volunteer said.

He said that as the days go by, the people are in dire need of basic foodstuffs, medicine, shelter, and drinking water.

More than 40,000 people have fled their homes in Tanintharyi Region in the two years following the military coup, according to data from local research organizations.

News-Than Lwin Times


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